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Birddog's Power Of The Phoenix SH MH X Birddog's Hayseed Molly McBunn
Beautiful all yellow-fox red litter born December 26th! These puppies will be ready to go February 20th.

We are very excited about this litter!
They are absolutely gorgeous and ranging in shade!

These puppies should be the absolute perfect combination for working in the field and relaxing in the home. Molly and Phoenix are some of our most easy going adults, with happy playful personalities. Both are extremely smart, affectionate and great both in the house and field. Not to mention perfect health clearances on both.

Now accepting non-refundable deposits to hold picks! Only 1 male available.
Birddog's Power of The Phoenix SH MHBirddog's Hayseed Molly McBunn
AKC: SR86996311
CHIC#: 121184
DOB: 3-31-2015
OFA Hips (Excellent): LR-226891E25M-VPI
OFA Elbows (Normal): LR-EL78112M25-VPI
OFA Eyes (Normal): LR-EYE10238/15M-VPI
OFA Cardiac (Normal): LR-CA9450/15M/P-VPI
OFA Thyroid (Normal): LR-TH823/15M-VPI
EIC (Clear): LR-EIC3480/4M-PI
CNM (Clear): LR-CNM1209/4M-PI
PRA-pcrd (Clear): LR-PRA1348/16M-PI
RD/OSD (Clear): LR-RDY399/4M-PI
Cystinuria (Clear): LR-CY76/4M-PI
HNPK (Clear): LR-HNP212/4M-PI
Hyperuricosuria (Clear): LR-HU43/4M-PI
Narcolepsy (Clear): LR-NAR103/4M-PI
PKD (Clear): LR-PK22/4M-PI
Degenerative myelopathy (Clear)
Myotubular myopathy 1 (Clear)
PRA-cone-rod dystrophy 4 (Clear)
PRA-gr2 (Clear)
Skeletal dysplasia 2 (Clear)
D Locus (DD Normal/Clear): LR-DL333/16M-PI
Genotype: eeBBDD (Yellow and does not carry hidden color, Dilute Free)

85 to 90 pounds
AKC: SR93826511
DOB: May 27,2016
CHIC: 136431
OFA Hips (Good): LR-234541G24F-VPI
OFA Elbows (Normal): LR-EL84679F24-VPI
OFA Eyes (Normal): LR-EYE16298/24F-VPI
OFA Cardiac (Normal): LR-CA11008/16F/P-VPI
EIC (Clear): LR-EIC4783/12F-PI
CNM (Clear): LR-CNM2240/12F-PI
PRA-pcrd (Clear): LR-PRA2145/12F-PI
RD/OSD (Clear): LR-RDY760/12F-PI
D Locus (DD Normal/Clear): LR-DL1256/12F-PI
Molly has also tested clear of Cystinuria, HNPK, Hyperuricosuria, Narcolepsy, PKD, Degenerative Myelopathy, Skeletal Dysplasia 2 (SD2-dwarfism), Elliptocytosis, Myotubular myopathy 2 (MTM1), PRA-crd4 and GR-PRA2Genotype: eeBBDD (Yellow-no hidden color factor, Dilute Free)