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Birddog Lucy Lou                                            (Heidi X Ezra repeat litter- Spring 2015)

Hi Gina, Just wanted to give you a quick update on Lucy (Miss White). She's growing like a weed and weighed in at 17 lbs. last week. Here's a couple of pictures.  (I asked for permission to share the photos and this was the response.)

Go ahead! We love to show off our "small but mighty" puppy! :)

Ann and Rick Mott

Birddog Willy Blue SH                         (Heidi  X Ezra - Spring 2014)

Willy went 5/5 to earn his SH title at 18 months of age!

August 2015      Hi Gina, I hope all is well with you & the dogs & puppies.   First I want to tell you how happy we are with Willy, what a special dog he is.   He is unbelievably smart & loves doing his job.  He just eats up everything he is learning.  He is finishing up his Senior tests & will be moving onto his Masters.  Depending on how he is progressing he may end up at the 2016 Master Nationals which would be super exciting.  He is one amazing dog!  Thanks so much!!

December 2014       Hi Gina! Willy is so much like Ezra - or at least what you described of him. He got his first goose the other day - Tom was so proud of him - I read on your website you are doing a repeat breeding of Ezra & Heidi - that is awesome!! We have Willy working with a trainer & he is so impressed with him - he is smart as a whip - he's 92lbs & just all muscle - he is such a good looking dog - we've given your name & number to a few people who have expressed an interest in purchasing a dog. Merry Christmas! I can't wait to follow the birth of these new puppies

September 2014     Hi Gina - just wanted you to see how big Willy is at 6 mos - 66lbs Wow!!! Isn't he beautiful???  He's doing great!!! I will send you a training video soon
Hope everyone is doing well - your new puppies are precious & I'm sure you're loving every minute of them. I'll be in touch soon - Amy

Amy & Tom Heron

We have been fortunate enough to get updates on Willy from his trainer & handler. 
Randy Jones of Saabi-Sil Retrievers

(After Willy completed his SH title) "Willy was a joy to run and train. He is a super intelligent dog willing to learn. And tackles new challenging training set ups with ease. Judges comments - finding it hard to fault him on anything during the test."

(Prior to running Willy in hunt tests) "Have to let you know this boy you bred out of Ezra. Willy has to be one of the smartest dogs I've had in my training program. Eager to learn and always willing to work. Can't wait to see how he does in his first hunt test."      

Abby                                                                                                    (Heidi X Ezra - 2014)

7-8-15: She is 77 lbs and we love her!   Had family at the cabin including a 5 year old boy.   She loved all the attention.  The boy and Abby were together constantly.   They both loved playing hide and seek.   He would make Abby sit & stay while He hid, or hid some object.   The day after everyone left, She was so bummed.  As you observed early on, Abby is very social!   

7-23 -14 We so love Abby!  Sorry for my delay in keeping you updated.  She brings such joy to our lives.  She wants to be involved in everything and wants to help, which includes digging in the garden (when I'm pulling weeds), and helping Todd dig a trench.  She has found an outlet, and developed a game with me, by going under the deck and digging, where we can't reach her, and holes are out of sight.  Then, She sticks her head out and yipes a few times at me.  What a little stinker! :)  After demonstrations by neighborhood dogs at the cabin this past weekend, Abby began swimming strongly, and competitively ... to get the ball first.  Even jumped off the dock 2.5 times (the other half by accident and a head dive), went underwater but came up going after that ball with everything she had.  She is strong and athletic.  I am still at home recovering and so thankful to be able to stay with Abby.  Recovery is going very well and I'm convinced it is due to having Little Miss Joyful here with us.  Started driving again, in small steps, which gives Abby and I more places to go.  Have a great day!

Marsha & Todd

HR Buck   (Master Passes)                                                                             (Heidi-Ezra 2014)

2015: Carson has been periodically sharing pictures of Buck on Facebook and gave me permission to share on here.
11-24-14: He's doing great, I'll send you some pictures from this season as we go to post on Bird Dog labs. PS - I truly think his #1 passion is tracking deer, he has found some great ones so far at only 8 months old.

10-7-14: Gina, Hope you are doing well, Buck is doing amazing. He has picked up over 100 doves so far and tracked 4 deer, the deer he found last night was 300 yards away I’m very impressed.

(First updated after Buck went home) Hey Gina, everything went great with the vet. Buck is doing great, no accidents in the house at all yet, sit and here are both mastered and we swam yesterday.  He was a little hesitant in the water, going to give it another try next week, I have some pictures. I will tag you in on here soon as I have a minute to go through them, also fetching pretty well also.

Carson Saville

Swede                                                                                                (Grace X Rooster)

10-8-14: Hey Gina, Just thought I'd send along a picture of swede just after her first birthday, and let you know that she's been so awesome so far- we've been doing training all summer and she got introduced to shotgun fire last weekend. She did great! It was like it was only her and the pigeon- no reaction at all to the noise. Anyway, she is a great family dog as well, and we're so happy with her. In the picture, she's on a small platform I made for her for duck hunting. Hope all is well! Thanks, Sam Manning

Merry Christmas, Gina! We thought you might enjoy this fancy photo our friend captured with her good camera. Swede has been a very good puppy so far, especially around so many people and exciting distractions over the holidays. She knows sit and lay down, working on fetch and hasn't had any accidents in a week, sits patiently at the door when she wants to go out. She's getting better on a leash and even went with us snow shoeing! All out friends and relatives are really impressed with how smart she is for her age! Hope you had a nice holiday! Jennie & Sam Manning

Little miss red now known as Swede is doing so well! We love her already.  She was so calm and sleepy laying on my lap all the way home on Saturday. She is spunky when she's really awake but much calmer than we anticipated. She met a bunch of relatives that night and was so playful and social but then totally konked out. She follows us around and comes when we call her. She even climbs into our laps if she's tired or startled by something. She likes her kennel and already hops in without complaining unless it's bed time and she wants to stay up and play.  But she's even done pretty well soothing herself at night after a few minutes of yipping and she goes potty right away when we take her out. Thanks for training her so well! We can't tell she was ever a struggler when held like a baby either. The cutest thing she does is sleep with the tip of her tongue sticking out and sometimes suckles in her sleep! And we love her droopy little puppy eyes too. She is already a great pet! Thanks! Sincerely,  Sam & Jennie Manning

Miss Charlie                                                                                                (Heidi-Ezra 2014)

"I have one of their pups from the first litter. She is definitely one of smartest dogs we've ever had. I have to say that Heidi and Ezra make the most beautiful dogs around."

 "Miss Charlie, from the first litter. She's absolutely amazing. We adore her so much."

These are both quotes from Kim, that she posted on Facebook.
Hi Gina,  I just wanted to let you know that we made it home and Charlie was amazing on the car ride. It took us about 13 hours with the stops and not one accident. She makes our house a very happy home. Thank you so much for bring up such a wonderful little girl.
Kim and Steve Bergquist

Birddog's Crimson Charlie

Hi Gina!

 I can't tell you enough how happy I am with Charlie's temperament! We just watched my son's dog (she is a 3 year old catahoula leopard dog) for a week and Charlie was so happy to have another dog to play with. They wrestled and chased each other all over and just played together. She went home yesterday and he seems a little sad. Trying to convince Mike that he needs a playmate, even if its just a smaller rescue dog. Sure would love another Fox Red especially from those parents! Honestly, everybody we meet remarks on what a beautiful and good dog Charlie is. The doggy daycare owner loves him too!

Donna and Mike Studee