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Yogi MH X Dizzy
Phoenix MH X Brook JH
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We are extremely excited about this upcoming litter! We expect this litter to sell out very fast!

Due: April 8th, Will be ready the first part of June.


We have had our eye on these two for a very long time! This combination will produce the total package!

These puppies will have the ability to make wonderful hunting and hunt test dogs, all the while being your buddy at home!

This will be an all yellow litter ranging in shade.

Now accepting a limited number of deposits to hold picks!  We have started a wait list and will continue to add to the list until the litter is born.
Birddog's Power Of The Phoenix MH
Birddog's Magic Brook McBunn JH
Phoenix's Health Clearances
AKC: SR86996311
DOB: 3-31-2015
OFA Hips (Excellent): LR-226891E25M-VPI
OFA Elbows (Normal): LR-EL78112M25-VPI
OFA Eyes (Normal): LR-EYE10238/15M-VPI
OFA Cardiac (Normal): LR-CA9450/15M/P-VPI
OFA Thyroid (Normal): LR-TH823/15M-VPI
EIC (Clear): LR-EIC3480/4M-PI
CNM (Clear): LR-CNM1209/4M-PI
PRA-pcrd (Clear): LR-PRA1348/16M-PI
RD/OSD (Clear): LR-RDY399/4M-PI
Cystinuria (Clear): LR-CY76/4M-PI
HNPK (Clear): LR-HNP212/4M-PI
Hyperuricosuria (Clear): LR-HU43/4M-PI
Narcolepsy (Clear): LR-NAR103/4M-PI
PKD (Clear): LR-PK22/4M-PI
Degenerative myelopathy (Clear)
Myotubular myopathy 1 (Clear)
PRA-cone-rod dystrophy 4 (Clear)
PRA-gr2 (Clear)
Skeletal dysplasia 2 (Clear)
D Locus (DD Normal/Clear): LR-DL333/16M-PI
Genotype: eeBBDD (Yellow and does not carry hidden color, Dilute Free)

85 pounds
Brook's Health Clearances
AKC: SR73871103
DOB: 6/30/2012
CHIC #: 103108
OFA Hips (Good): LR-210650G25F-VPI
OFA Elbows (Normal) LR-EL64556F25
OFA Eyes (Normal) LR-EYE5797/22F-VPI
OFA Cardiac (Normal): Numbers pending
EIC Clear: LR-EIC2618/25F-VPI
CNM Clear: LR-CNM14-387-F-PIV
PRA: Clear/Normal: LR-PRA1078/26F-VPI
RD/OSD: Clear/Normal: LR-RDY219/26F-VPI
D Locus: DD Normal/Clear: LR-DL326/46F-PI
Genotype: eeBbDD (Yellow-carries hidden chocolate, dilute free)
60 pounds

Brook has also tested clear of: Cystinuria, DM, Elliptocytosis, HNPK, Hyperuricosuria, MTM1, Narcolepsy, PRA-crd4, PRA-GR2, PKD and SD2

Phoenix is a GORGEOUS dark Fox Red male that is the total package!
He has a fantastic disposition and lives in the house. He has the highly sought after on/off switch and is known for his very laid back happy, temperament. Phoenix is frequently referred to as Mr. Easygoing! Yet when it comes to working he is 100mph. He loves his job and is as hard charging as they come! Phoenix is proving to be an excellent marker and team player.  He also has a very happy disposition and gets along with everyone!

Phoenix is a 3rd generation of our foundation lines. He is from the repeat breeding between Birddog's Hunting Heidi and HRCH UH Adonai's Power Thru Ezra M15 CGC.

Phoenix earned both his Senior and Master titles as a 2 year old!

Brook a wonderful hunting dog and family companion. She is a joy to have in the house and is very mellow when not working. She has the sweetest disposition and loves everyone she meets. In the field, Brook is an excellent marker, extremely intelligent, and has a huge desire to please. She is enthusiastic, yet very controllable and has wonderful line manners. Brook is also a proven hunting dog for both upland and waterfowl birds. Regardless of the stud, Brook has proven to produce puppies that do great in the field yet are also wonderful family companions!

Brook has a very strong proven pedigree!

Brook's sire is FC Magic Tricks Autumn Creek Tazz. 
-Tazz ran through 6 series in the 2013 National Open and 9 series in the 2014 National Open.
-Tazz is a son of FC CFC CAFC TaylorsLab Magic Trick MH CD (National Finalist in 2006)
-Tazz's dam is a QAA female out of FC AFC Dare to Dream Cosmo and FC AFC Drake's Bay Kate's Choice. She is full sibling to FC AFC Drakes Bay Parting of the Sea, CAFC Grouse of Drakes Bay and FC AFC Indian Height's Get Away (who also ran in both 2013 & 2014 National Opens).

Brook's dam is Widgeon's Elements of Success MH QAA
(FC AFC Tiger McBunn X Widgeon's Make Mine a Double QAA)
-FC AFC Tiger McBunn was a National Finalist in 2002 and is the sire of 10 field titled offspring.
-Tiger is out of the breeding between Hall of Fame Retrievers 2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac and NAFC FC Hattie McBunn.
-Widgeon's Make Mine a Double QAA is a daughter of NAFC FC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek (Hall of Fame Retriever) and is also a full sibling to 4 FC AFC's, 2 AFC's, 1 GRHRCH, 3 QAA and 2 MH's.