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Birddog's Tank   SH                                                                (Grace X Rooster - 2013)

During the summer of 2015, Tank's owner Kevin has been running him in Derbies. Tank has earned a Reserve JAM and 2 Derby JAMS! Tank has also earned 2 passes toward his Senior Title!

December 2013 - Just after he went home:  Hi Gina, Tank went to the doctor today. She said he was 17.5 lbs, but he sure looked bigger than Rush on Sunday Just curious.....did you work with the pups on a leash at all?  He is amazing on a leash.  The first time I put him on a leash, he walked like he's been doing it forever :) He’s retrieving like a champ!

3-23-14: He's a little machine now! He is BEAUTIFUL!  People are always remarking about his beautiful eyes, as well as how sweet and mellow he is.  See what happens when you get a pup from an awesome breeder?  :) If you'd like to share these on FB or your website, or whatever, feel free. :)

9-3-14: Hi Gina, I thought I'd give you a little update on Tank.  I actually haven't seen him since May 4th, as he's been living at the trainer's since then.  Elliot and I miss him!  Kevin goes over a couple of times/week to work with him and the trainer.  A group of dogs and handlers work together, usually for several hours each time.  He will be coming home this weekend.  YAY!  (for now....will go back at some point, for awhile).  Kevin said he absolutely LIVES for "the game".....aka, working! The trainer is very happy with him.  He recommends that Kevin not run him for JH, but rather go to SH (though probably in the spring).  He feels he is nearly ready for SH tests now.  He said that if Tank was a different dog, he could run some JH tests to build his confidence, but that he is not lacking in that dept.  He feels that if all continues to go well, he will be ready to run for MH next spring/summer.  Right now, Kevin is ironing out what he can and can't do with Tank for the actual hunting season this year, so as not to undo his training :) I know Kevin has some photos of him working in the field....I'll try to get one or two of them to you.  I can't wait for him to come home!  People here at work are constantly asking me when he's coming home.....they fell in love with him when I was bringing him to work :)

11-11-14: His trainer doesn't field train during deer season, since hunting is legal in his area, so Tank is spending some time at home. I've never seen a dog with drive like his. He's obsessed!  Sweet, and sooo funny!  And, he LOVES our son's puppy, who comes to visit most weekends. Love this boy!

Sue and Kevin Prouty

Hunting in South Dakota

Kevin and Sue returned to Bird Dog Labs in the Spring 2015 and got their new girl Chrissy. Chrissy is out of our litter between NAFC FC AFC Texas Troubador and Birddog's Magic Brook McBunn JH. They plan to train and run for field trials. So far it sounds like they are very pleased with her drive. I hope to be able to post updates as Sue sends them to me.

Cabo                                                                                                           (Heidi X Ezra - 2014)
Cabo is such a great addition to our family! He is doing so well and we love him so much! Even Dakota has accepted having a new pup in the house too. Cabo just follows him around like a shadow. Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

"Cabo is great! Loves country living! Such a good boy. We just love him to pieces!" -Tana shared a picture to Facebook.
Tana Sherek and Family

North Dakota

Bailey                                                                             (Brook X Tubb, Spring 2015)

Tonight was Bailey's graduation test from level 1 dog training at Bark Avenue dog training facility. She passed with a score of 98. (Thank God for extra credit tests) Not exactly field trials, but I couldn't be prouder of her when she comes to me from across the room, full of other dogs, off leash, and jumps into my arms. She even aced the "leave it" trap to come to me. Moving up to a class called 1 plus in a couple of weeks. Thanks to the trainers at Bark Avenue, who love our pups as much as we do.

Thanks Gina Glidden for a puppy that has totally captured, and healed a hole in my heart.

Harry Settle

Jax and Bear                                     

Bear is a black male out of Grace's last litter when she was bred with FC Crow Rivers Lucky to the Max. (Fall 2014) He is owned by Roger and Bev.

Jax is a fox red male out of the repeat litter between Heidi and HRCH Adonai's Power Thru Ezra MH, CGC (Spring 2015). He is owned by Jesse, who is the son of Roger and Bev.

The picture below is Bear on his first duck hunt.

Tessa                                                                       (Heidi X Ezra - repeat litter Spring 15)

Hi Gina, This is a picture of Tessa from a few weeks back. Sandy and I are very pleased. This is our fifth large breed puppy and she has been bay far the easiest to train. Although it’s only been a couple of months it feels like she has been part of our lives for much longer. I guess it’s because of the amount of attention they require. She is socially well adjusted. We live on a lake so she took to the water early on. She is pretty well whistle trained.  Her retrieving instincts are good but not overly aggressive. I suspect this will change when she gets around birds.  She weighed 41 lbs. at her last check up. Her build is athletic. Hope all is going well. Rick

"Tess's opening day teal shoot. She did very well including a nice find on a wounded bird in the cattails. She made all six retrieves with limited guidance."  Rick           (5 months of age)  "Nice pic of Tess fully featured drakes...GW teal, Redhead, and Ringneck. She had a couple nice finds in the cattails."  Rick

Charlie                                                                                         (Grace X FC Lucky - Fall 2014)

This is Braxton and his pup Charlie. They have been working together on training and are now excited for their first hunting season together!

Faith                                                           (Heidi x Ezra - repeat litter Spring 2015)

"Thanks Gina! We love Faith! I hope your having a great day! Love this little spit-fire!"

Kris and Mike Anderson

Oscar   JH                                                                             (Brook X Tubb -Spring 2015)

Gina- Giving a quick update on Oscar.  He is doing very well. His training is progressing nicely, I am actually working with Bill Hillmann and almost daily contact with one of his understudy's.  Very well worth the money as I take videos of training session and then they critique me working with Oscar.  When I first got him, his prey drive was a bit low, but from what I know and what Bill tells me, that is not really a concern as some male pups take some time to get it going as they are using quite a bit of energy to grow.  Having said that, I've worked with him daily on developing and building that prey drive and he has made very good strides and suprises me daily with what he is turning into.  We have feel into a rhythm and a consistent schedule which helps quite a bit.  Oscar is extremely intelligent, house breaking and OB (just doing some "sit") comes very easily to him; the only difficulty is walking on a lead sometimes, but that is also pretty common with a dog that young.  His size has caught up, and he is no longer a little guy but growing fast.  Today while taking one of our treks through the woods he showed just how far his confidence has grown and developed, he charged through the water (very shallow, just running) and dove off of and up the banks of a stream.  He was just too little to get up one bank, but dang if he didn't stay at it, he refused to give up.  It was very encouraging.

His social adaption and transition has been a breeze, so thank you and job well done with these little pups leading up to 8 weeks.  I would be happy to give a reference if you have customers looking for them.  I'm pretty sure I'll run him in Hunt Tests and Derby's, but I am confident he will absolutely become a top notch gun dog at the very least. Next week he will get a taste with a live bird for the first time; I'm excited and a bit nervous but I'm sure he'll do fine.  Take care and Happy Mother's Day.

Dave F.